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The Legacy of Jens Risom and How He Revolutionized Design

Jens Risom, a major influencer in the mid-century modern design movement, has left a lasting impact on design with his fusion of Scandinavian simplicity and American aesthetics.

The mid-century modern era was the most influential design movement after the second war, leaving a mark on how life during the Cold War looked like for the average American. The exciting international scene and the prospects of new developments inspired futuristic movements in design and art. 

Jens Risom is one of the most iconic designers of the modern wave, leaving an impressive legacy behind. His work is presently sought after by collectors, designers, and people passionate about the past, inspiring new interpretations and serving as centerpieces for vintage and eclectic decor.

Risom’s Work and Legacy  

Risom’s career started in his native Denmark, where he studied at the Copenhagen School of Industrial Arts and Design. After a brief practice in small architecture studios, young Risom decided to move to the United States and pursue a career there. 

He arrived in America in ’39, right before a moment of bubbling creativity in the design world. Jens Risom brought the Scandinavian simplicity and sense of practicality with him to the New World, one of the significant influences of mid-century modern design. 

Once he arrived in New York, Jens Risom didn’t achieve success overnight. His major work was preceded by multiple small jobs that created connections for him. This led him to partner with entrepreneur Hans Knoll and create his most iconic pieces. The first collection launched by the Hans Knoll furniture company was named “600” and included armchairs, stools, and lounges designed by Risom. He used parachute straps to weave the upholstery, a look that still impresses design enthusiasts and professionals. 

After introducing Risom’s creations to the general American public, he served in the Army. When his service was over, he launched his design firm and started creating televised ads that made his work famous. 

One will find Risom’s work in domestic home design and industrial since he has extended his works to libraries, hospitals, and industrial furniture. 

What Is Jens Risom’s Legacy? 

Risom is one of the creators of the much-loved mid-century modern design, and he was one of the first to introduce Scandinavian design to the United States. His work is a fantastic example of art meeting functionality. 

You will recognize Jens Risom’s pieces by their clean lines, simple structure, and lovely comforting feel when using them. Risom’s work was revived in the ’90s when his collections were relaunched, and it continues to be popular with vintage furniture connoisseurs. 

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