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Discover the iconic Mid-Century Modern style in the heart of New York City with Modern Hill. From Manhattan to Brooklyn, Soho to Long Island, and beyond, our curated furniture collection is sure to elevate the aesthetic of your home or office. Explore our selection of chairs, sofas, credenzas, dining tables, dining chairs, desks, and more, all inspired by Mid Century Modern design’s timeless and futuristic qualities. Shop with us today and bring a touch of chic and purposeful flair to your space.



Mid-Century Modern Furniture in New York City


New York City is a melting pot of many fashions, and it is no surprise that the Mid-Century Modern style can be found throughout the city. While wandering through Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island neighborhoods, it will be easy to spot these relics of Mid-Century design. Boasting elegant lines, geometric shapes, and beautiful colors, this style added a chic but purposeful flare to the city.


Mid-Century Modern design emerged in the 1940s and continued through the 1960s, with the post-World War II era and space race fueling the demand for modern, futuristic designs. New York City was a hub for artistic and cultural movements during this time, and it served as an incubator for new ideas and design concepts.


A great example of Mid-Century Modern design is the New York State Pavilion, a former site of the World’s Fair. In Queens, Philip Johnson constructed this modernistic structure resembling a floating ring. Standing close by, the Unisphere reminds onlookers that the world is hugged by technology. The giant metal globe is wrapped with larger rings representing international satellite paths.


The trendy neighborhood of Harlem is abundant with Mid-Century Modern design. Revamped in 1966 by Costas Machlouzarides, the Greater Refuge Temple matches its purpose. A colorful facade houses a choir of joyful worshippers. While the outside is vibrant, the inside is white in color with beautiful, curved ceilings. Once a movie house but converted into a church, the Greater Refuge Temple exhibits a bold exterior, including a large golden cross and geometric shapes filled with color.


One of the most prominent Mid-Century Modern designers was Eero Saarinen. Saarinen was responsible for designing and constructing the beautiful John F. Kennedy Airport, also known as the Trans World Flight Center. Its notable features in Queens include a bird-shaped roof supported by large Y-shaped columns. Like other designs of the time, a large amount of glass was utilized to create giant walls of windows. Although it is not used as an airport today, it is considered a historical landmark.


There are countless examples of Mid-Century Modern art in New York City. The George Washington Bus Station, the New York Hall of Science, and Marcel Breuer’s Bronx Community College are just a few more. In a constantly moving and changing city, these designs still inspire people with their timeless, futuristic qualities.


At Modern Hill, we offer a finely crafted collection of Mid-Century Modern furniture in NYC, specially curated to enhance the aesthetics of your home and office. Our collection features Mid-Century Modern chairs, sofas, credenzas, dining tables, dining chairs, desks, and more.


Whether you’re a design enthusiast, an interior designer, or a homeowner looking to add a touch of Mid-Century Modern style to your space, Modern Hill is your go-to destination. We offer an extensive selection of high-quality, authentic Mid-Century Modern pieces that are beautiful and functional.


Our team of experts is passionate about design and committed to helping you find the perfect pieces to complement your space. In addition, we offer free nationwide shipping on additional pieces and free restoration services, ensuring that your Mid-Century Modern pieces arrive in excellent condition and ready to use.


At Modern Hill, we believe that Mid-Century Modern design is more than just a trend – it’s a timeless style that will continue to inspire and captivate people for years to come. So whether you’re looking for a statement piece or a subtle accent, our collection of Mid-Century Modern furniture in NYC has something for everyone.


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